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Welcome to our blog! We are a husband & wife photography team based in Madison, Wisconsin who document weddings & anniversaries for joyful couples who believe in marriage. This blog is a journal about real love stories, marriage & our own adventures along the way! We are so glad you're here — please stay awhile!




Inspiration | Maison Meredith Photography | Who Do I Follow?

December 19, 2014

Hello Friday, we meet again!! Today’s post is one that will hopefully let you into my creative brain just a little bit more–fun, right!? Hehe : ) We all have businesses or individuals that we look up to in our respected fields, yes? Those who have been doing what we do for longer than us + have found “happiness” + “success”–whatever that means for you! Those who inspire us, motivate us, + teach us!! Today, I’m sharing with you the Top 5 Photographers that I follow, look up to, + respect in our industry!! If you have a minute, go check them out–you won’t regret it!!

1. Annamarie Akins Photography

Annamarie might just be my favorite photographer to follow. Her work simply captivates me. I cannot stop looking at it once I begin!!–you know, one of those kind of things : ) It’s romantic, dreamy, + elegant. And the woman behind the lens, Annamarie, is about as sweet as they come!! We were blessed enough to have her take some portraits of us while we were at the CONNECT Retreat last spring in Georgia, + she is such a beautiful woman, wife, photographer, + business owner–inside AND out!! (P.S. Annamarie, if you happen to be reading this, Caleb told me that hitting you in the face with a dodgeball at the retreat is a memory that still haunts him to this day … ha!! And he’s sorry, again 😛 )

2. Justin & Mary

Justin & Mary are a husband + wife team based in Connecticut + boy oh boy, where to even begin with them? They are SO extremely talented (it sometimes blows my mind) + SO extremely down-to-earth. They are generous, funny, + brilliant photographers. Their work–simply STUNNING. The images + moments captured by these two are the epitome of timeless + classy–ones that will truly withstand the test of time.

3. Katelyn James Photography

Katelyn James is as talented a photographer as she is an educator. And equally passionate about both. This woman is an icon in the photography industry + respected by MANY. Her images are bright, fresh, consistent, + trend-setting. She is a role-model to so many (woman) photographers + she uses her platform to motivate, inspire, + encourage others in a God-honoring manor. We had the privilege of meeting her + her husband Michael (who is equally as awesome!!) at the CONNECT Retreat as well, + learning from them was a highlight of our trip!!

4. Amy & Jordan Photography

Another couple we had the great pleasure of meeting at the CONNECT Retreat (how LUCKY were we, amen!?). Together, Amy + Jordan are a GIANT force to be reckoned with. They are incredible educators, fantastic photographers, + a couple whose marriage is one that inspires. They are honest, intentional, + truly believe in what they do. They care about marriage + investing in their couples more than they do about getting good photographs (+ they still manage to do both, perfectly!!) We admire these two + EEEEEK–are so excited to spend some special time with them at the end of this month!!

5. Benj Haisch Photography

If you click on the link that will take you to Benj’s website (here), you will quickly see that we have VERY different shooting/editing styles. This does NOT deter me from following Benj like one of those crazy people!! Ha! This guy is a photography genius. He is creative, unique, a man of ncredible integrity, + one who is also more than willing to share his life + skills with those he encounters. Everyone dreams of shooting a gorgeous couple eloping on the top of a mountain in the middle of the Pacific Northwest forest–right? This guy does it every weekend ; )

In a lot of ways, these photographers are very similar to us–in their beliefs, passions, + businesses. However, we are all also very different from one another. And I think that’s the important thing about creativity + entrepreneurship. Having role models who inspire + motivate you is crucial, however even more crucial is the drive to pave your own path + be your own person because, frankly, no one else can be YOU <3

Xoxo, M


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