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The Wisconsin Badgers | Personal Post | On How We Don’t Love Basketball but Love Our School.

April 6, 2015

Yes. The title of today’s blog post is 100% true. We’ll admit, we’ve been afraid to say it out loud in this crazy season of college basketball they call March Madness, but we would be lying if we told you otherwise.

We. Don’t …. We don’t like basketball.

There! We said it!!! Okay–but give us a chance here before you click that little red “x” in the top left corner! In general, we are not HUGE sports fanatics (we LOVE the Green Bay Packers + football Sundays) + Caleb loves soccer, but aside from dancing + playing hockey in high school (can you guess who did what?!), we just can’t pretend we watch ESPN (or even have it on TV) …

BUT, we LOVE the Wisconsin Badgers. We met at the University of Wisconsin-Madison + our time there was integral in the shaping of our lives. We have both have such fond memories of our time at UW + truly loved our college experience (minus the studying–I can definitely live without that)!!

A lot of people will say this about their Alma Mater, but I’m SO serious when I say there is nothing like being a Badger. It’s like you’re automatically a part of this giant family that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I cannot tell you how many times we’ve been in the airport, in a different state, or even a different country + run into people who went to UW!! It’s an instant bond + just such a cool experience to connect + chat (with huge smiles) about time on campus, the city of Madison, + of course, our beloved Badgers : ) We are proud to be UW Alum!!

So while we don’t love basketball, we DO love the Wisconsin Badgers. We love what our school + their sports team stand for. And we LOVE being a part of the Badger community. There it is again, that community thing : )

So although we may not have started watching the basketball team play until March Madness started last month, it has been SO fun to see the men’s basketball team play so united as a team and, let’s be honest, kill it. These guys are playing tonight in the National Championship game + once again, we are so proud to be Badgers : ) Go get ’em, guys! We will be cheering so loudly from over here in Madison (since we know you can hear us from through the TV’s … ; )). Bring home that “W”!

***And for your Monday enjoyment, a few throwbacks from our college days!!


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