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Welcome to our blog! We are a husband & wife photography team based in Madison, Wisconsin who document weddings & anniversaries for joyful couples who believe in marriage. This blog is a journal about real love stories, marriage & our own adventures along the way! We are so glad you're here — please stay awhile!




Three Things We Learned from Attending our FIRST Wedding as a Married Couple AND as GUESTS! | Marriage Monday | July, 2015.

July 27, 2015

Hey guys! You might be wondering why you haven’t seen any sneek peaks from us this weekend!! Well, that’s because Maison + I got to just attend a wedding this past weekend for some of our best friends! Maison was even the personal attendant! It was so much FUN! We got to laugh, cry, catch up with old friends, drink, be merry, + dance the night away! We have both attended weddings before we were married, however this truly is our first wedding we’ve been able to attend as guests since we’ve been married! It does feel kind of weird to say that, though, because the couples we are SO blessed to work with make us FEEL like we are guests! It’s AMAZING : )

I figured it would be fun to look at the wedding day from a married couple’s point of view for this month’s Marriage Monday post! Today, I’m sharing the Top 3 things Maison + I learned about our marriage from attending a wedding as guests!

1. Closeness/Connection

During the ceremony, when our friends said their vows, I felt Maison’s hand wrap around mine + I got to hold her tight as we both shed a couple tears (well maybe a few more than a couple for Maison :P). We got to laugh + dance together. We got a fresh perspective of how amazing it is to BE married! Sometimes the normal day-to-day life can dull the beauty of marriage. But it’s hard to deny the beauty + power it has when you are holding each other during ceremony of two of your dear friends.

2. Marriage needs community

As soon as we arrived into town, we were greeted by great friends which has an awesome power to lift a person’s spirit. Our wedding, like our friend’s wedding, was filled with family + friends that are all committed to helping the marriage succeed! We NEED community. At one point during the ceremony, we as guests pledged out loud to always be there for our friends to help their marriage succeed! BEAUTIFUL. It was a great reminder that Maison + I have a wonderful support group for OUR marriage if we are struggling.

3. God loves us

We are all broken people, but God loves us–it’s WHO we are. It is so evident through the union of marriage that God loves us. He has allowed us to live life with the person that He has created for us. The person who we get to experience life with, that wants the best for us, + although we ALL fail at times, the person who can most often show us the love of Christ. During our friend’s vows, the groom beautifully said what I failed to put into words until now: Maison is God’s gift to me because He LOVES me, + also that I am God’s gift to Maison. I am here to walk through life with her. I am made to put her needs above mine, to serve her. I am here to pursue her + to be a breath of fresh air to her lungs. To be her dancing partner. To LOVE her. But most importantly I am here to point her to Christ because her salvation cannot be found in me but in Him along.

To our friends, Brandi + Alex, congratulations. We love you guys + thank you for the reminders of how much we love each other + how much Christ loves us + our marriage.

To our 2015 bridal clients, we can’t wait for the rest of the weddings we have this summer! To celebrate the beautiful love stories of our clients … we are truly SO lucky! 🙂 You guys, we just LOVE marriage SO much!! Thank you for believing in us + in marriage, too!! You all are truly the BEST! So much love!!


Images via Caynay Photo


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