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Welcome to our blog! We are a husband & wife photography team based in Madison, Wisconsin who document weddings & anniversaries for joyful couples who believe in marriage. This blog is a journal about real love stories, marriage & our own adventures along the way! We are so glad you're here — please stay awhile!




Our Anniversary | Personal Post | Thoughts on Marriage After One Year.

August 19, 2015

I can barely believe it (but at the same time can efinitely believe) that our first anniversary is coming up THIS WEEKEND! Sunday marked the official date of being married to my handsome hubby for year number one : )

We thought that we would tag-team today’s blog post as we share our thoughts + reflections on marriage after one year. We are each sharing three things + we didn’t talk to each other about what we were writing!! So we’ll see what happens here ; ) hehe! I’m hoping to make this an annual tradition so that we can look back year after year + see how our thoughts on marriage have changed + grown!! I love things like that : ) Caleb, I love you so, so much, + I want EVERYONE to know it!!!!!!! Being married to you has been the greatest joy of my life + I CANNOT wait to continue to grow more + more with you as we journey through our lives together <3

Maison’s Thoughts on Marriage After One Year

  1. EVERYONE HAS GOOD + BAD DAYS. I have good + bad days, Caleb has good + bad days. And sometimes, a lot of times, the days are as they are for no specific reason. Sometimes, I wake up + I’m just in one of “those” moods … nothing specific happened, or is going to happen, but I’m just feeling down or apathetic that day instead of chipper + joyful! While I can do things to choose to be chipper + joyful, somedays just aren’t so. And the SAME goes for Caleb. Just because he is having one of “those” days doesn’t mean he is mad at me, or something is wrong. Everyone is entitled to feeling down once in awhile + it’s okay to let them just feel those things. No need to ask if everything’s okay 1,000 times (working on this) …
  2. THE DAY TO DAY STUFF IS THE MOST MEANINGFUL. Don’t get me wrong, taking fun trips together, or getting all dressed up + going on fancy dates are all things that I really, REALLY enjoy! But the times I love MOST with Caleb are the day to day things. Getting to see each other all the time. Driving to shoots together + playing Family Feud in the car. Late night movies or Netflix episodes on the couch. Crossword puzzles at night. Runs with Vivian. Dinner together at the table or ice cream cones when we’re feeling really wild. Brushing our teeth in the bathroom, making the bed, rearranging the furniture. Listening to Caleb’s too-adorable-for-words voice when he talks to Vivian + thinks no one is listening. These are the things that mean SO much to me + that I’m so thankful for.
  3. PRAYER IS OUR GLUE. We would fall apart, I’m SURE of it, if it wasn’t for our time with Jesus, TOGETHER, each day. This time focuses us on what is really important in our lives + marriage, what’s not worth worrying about, what matters that specific day, what we’re dreaming for for our lives + business, etc. Without this time – when we don’t make time for this time!!! – we are selfish, impatient with each other, greedy, fearful, + the list goes on!!

Caleb’s Thoughts on Marriage After One Year

This first year of marriage, for me, has both felt like way less + way more than a year. It has been both the most challenging but by far the best year of my life. I can’t wait for this next year! But for now we will celebrate our first anniversary as husband + wife by sharing our favorite things about our first year of marriage!

  1. LEARNING ABOUT MYSELF. When you spend everyday with someone they learn everything about you. Maison is so good at encouraging me to do the things I enjoy but also good at gently pointing out when I need to adjust my line of thought. Hearing constructive criticism, especially when it comes from a place of love, is a game changer in terms of personal growth. I know that I am daily become a better person because of her love for me. 
  2. DEEPENING MY UNDERSTANDING + LOVE FOR MAISON. On the flip side I get to be that person for Maison. Being with her in daily struggles + the mundane really deepen my love, admiration, + and understanding of who she is. Now, don’t think I’m perfect at this! Haha. She could tell you countless stories of how I could’ve chosen kinder words or put more effort into pursuing her, but I truly believe that if I make our marriage my highest priority (aside from God) that, despite my imperfections, our marriage will continue to grow. 
  3. GETTING TO DREAM, PLAN, + LIVE OUR NEW LIVES TOGETHER. This first year of marriage has really been fun! We have been through so much change already + we continue to experience it daily! Knowing that Maison + I will be together until the day we leave this earth allows us to plan + dream our lives together. We get to make choices together (or compromises, haha). We got to buy our first home together. Plan our finances together. Grow a business together. Make new friends together. It’s so true that experiencing life with someone else is a truly beautiful thing + the best part of each day is falling asleep together knowing that tomorrow you will wake up more in love. 

Images via Molly Jo Collection <3


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