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5 Things We Love About The Holidays | Personal Post | Merry Christmas!!

December 23, 2015

After today’s post, we’re signing off on the blog until next week (don’t forget that you can follow along with daily posts that will still be happening on Instagram, @maisonmeredith), so we wanted today’s blog to be fun + light-hearted! Christmas can mean a lot of different things to different people + we definitely realize that. This year, we’ve been trying to stay focused on the things we love about this season + have to be thankful for. End of story : )

So here you have it, 5 things we just love about this time of the year!!

1. The food. Who doesn’t love the food? Anyone!? It seems like everywhere you turn someone is offering a treat or cooking a special meal!! No complaining here ; ) One of Maison’s favorites are those little wreath spritzer cookies … they are too small + too tasty… And Caleb? He loves a good Christmas ham. *Funny fact about Caleb is that while’s he normally a compartment eater (he eats one food at a time), Christmas dinner at Grandma Shirley’s is the one exception of the year. He can’t resist mixing the ham + cheesy potatoes together on a bun … apparently it’s amazing ; )

2. While we will be the first to admit that the gift-giving in this country has gotten out of hand (more on that here), we do really love this aspect of the holiday season because it allows us to focus on others. As we are shopping for an intentional gift for those we love, we get to think about what would make them happy!

3. Christmas cards!! This one is SO easy! It was mentioned in yesterday’s post, but we LOVE getting Christmas cards in the mail. First of all, it’s MAIL! Doesn’t everyone love getting snail mail?! We just adore seeing pictures + reading updates + handwritten notes about the highlights of the past year for those we know + love! To top it all off, we get to hang them in our house + have so many beautiful faces to look at everyday while we’re working from home!!

4. Though it’s going to sound cliché to say, we don’t really care about that because family is, by far, one of the BEST parts about the holidays. We both feel so thankful to have great relationships with our families + spending time with them is something we are blessed to be able to look forward to doing!! We are thankful that at Christmas, no matter how busy or crazy life is for everyone in our families, time together is a priority. Lots of cribbage, Rummikub, + home-cooked meals included : ) 

5. Last but NOT least, for us personally, Christmas is a very special time in our faith. A time when we are reminded over + over + over again that no matter how stressful or difficult life gets, no matter how out of control things seem in our society or the world, we have HOPE in Jesus. And that … that brings us the greatest joy.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you guys!! All of our wonderful readers, brides, grooms, friends, + family : ) We LOVE, love, love, LOVE, love you. Saying an extra prayer of thanks for YOU this holiday season!! XOXO!!



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