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Put On Your Hat + Go | Marriage Monday | February, 2016.

February 3, 2016

I recently encountered some of the best marriage advice I’ve heard in a long time.

“Get up, put on your hat, + go.” 

I was actually reading our mentor’s blog + they were sharing a post from a wedding they had recently shot. In the post, they shared some advice that the groom’s grandpa had shared with him many years ago. “Son, just get up, put on your hat, + go.” Grandpa was talking about something so simple, really — advising his grandson to GO when his wife goes. When she’s running to the grocery store … taking a package to the post office … going to pick up the kids from a friend’s house … get up, put on your hat, + go. GO with her.

It seems so simple, + of course, I’m not naive in realizing that this isn’t always possible, but what I think this grandfather was trying to tell his grandson was an idea that I know I SO often overlook. Simply choosing to spend more time with Caleb. Not thinking we’re “spending time together” because we’re home at the same time … or not just in the big, special things like a date night, but in the simple everyday tasks that life requires. Whenever possible, CHOOSING to be together … to do things together. 

I’m really trying to be more conscious of this in my own life lately. When Caleb has to run to the grocery store, for example, if I’m not doing something that is time sensitive, to get up (stop being lazy), put on my hat, + go BE WITH him. If I don’t feel like going along (this is the key, I think), but am able to, then I believe I should. To choose to put time with him first, even in something so simple as running an errand. Those are Grandpa’s wise words.

I have no doubt that making little choices like this, being intentional in my relationship with the man who comes before anyone or anything else in this world, with surely benefit our relationship + marriage.


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