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Earning Money To Learn Your Favorite Tech | Personal Post | Working for One of Your Favorite Companies.

April 21, 2016

About a month ago or so ago, Maison shared with you guys that this year, since we are in a unique season of life that allows us a little extra time (aka no kids!), I thought it would be a good (+ fun!) idea for us to get part time jobs! We both agreed that the jobs should be doing something that gave life to us, were relatively stress free, + most importantly, didn’t take away at all from what we were doing with our business. Today I’m excited to share with you were I work …

Apple : ) 

Getting a job at Apple was my ideal scenario because I both love the products + the company that proudly stands behind them. Apple is also responsible for 50% of the technology products we use to run our business (Canon providing the other half)! Prior to getting our part time jobs, I had a good friend working at Apple whom I was able to ask what getting a job there looked like.  As you can guess, he was able to convince me that it was exactly what I was looking for! What I couldn’t have guessed is how this company invests in their employees. I love working for Apple for 3 main reasons!

1.     I’m really interested in learning all there is to know about technology (I’m a technology nerd), getting to play with that technology, + then being able to pass along that knowledge to others to help them find the perfect device for their specific needs (as well as use it for our own business)! Technology + amazing service = two of my favorite things!

2.     Everyone I work with at the store make it a blast! So many awesome, unique, encouraging, + supportive people really make work feel fun. People who take the time to get to know you + tell you when you’ve done something great, but even more importantly help you learn from your mistakes! Lastly, if you personally have any technology questions,  someone in the store is bound to not only have an answer, but a plethora of experience + a genuine willingness to help you out! It’s amazing. 

3.     They are a company that really values personal growth + work/life balance. Since my initial day of training to where I’m at today, I feel like my bosses + peers have pushed me to discover what I want to accomplish + to make goals to help me accomplish it.

So … now that you know where we both work, which one sounds more fun to you!? Madewell or Apple? : )


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