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Marriage + Guitar: A Marriage Analogy | Marriage Monday | April, 2016.

April 25, 2016

I love analogies because they allow me to describe things I might otherwise have a difficult time describing (this is Caleb, by the way!). In its simplest form, marriage is strangely related to playing guitar. For those of you who don’t know this about me already, I love playing guitar! Like marriage, guitar is very appealing + looks relatively easy from an outside perspective. You can also learn the basics very quickly + make it seem like you know what you are doing without much experience or practice! But after learning basic chords + scales, there comes this point where you hit a wall. I believe the wall happens as a result of not having a solid foundation in music … and this really challenges your relationship with guitar. You find yourself playing the same stuff over + over, + it become repetitive + boring very quickly. You can’t seem to get any better. You find yourself playing less + less (does it sound like I’ve ever experienced this?!).

You see, I’ve found that guitar commands a great deal of respect, commitment, + practice. You have to put in the hard work + sweat to really become one of those players that truly understands the instrument. To become better, you have to acknowledge your weaknesses + be willing + open to truly learning. Unfortunately, there is no “Become a Guitar Prodigy Overnight” course.  To become truly great, you have to dedicate years to the craft.

This kind of dedication can seem daunting if you are looking up hill at the challenge ahead, but when you commit to the journey, start making progress, + can eventually look back on where you came from, you’ll begin to see that the hard work, progress, + accomplishments really aren’t that large at all. Rather, they are a collective work of thousands of small commitments. The day in + day out. Along the way you’ll need mentors, band mates, family, + friends to really excel your playing, + ultimately you’ll be able to use your gift to bless others around you. Beautiful.

To me, marriage is a lot like guitar. It takes an unrelenting pursuit to make it truly great. Music can only give back so much. Marriage, on the other hand, allows you to invest your life in creating something bigger than yourself. It allows you to make an eternal impact. It is giving, even when you don’t have anything to give. It loves when you’ve been hurt. It’s coming back day in + day out. It is a chance to live out life like Christ has called us to live. It is a tangible example of the Gospel.

Yes, there will be those big I LOVE YOU moments of marriage throughout it’s lifetime, but to me, it is the beauty in the everyday struggles + triumphs of life that Maison + I get to experience TOGETHER that make me so excited about marriage. It’s knowing that if I choose to love Maison + invest in our marriage, even if I’m not “gaining” anything or experiencing any form of instant gratification, I’m living how I’ve been called to live. It’s also pretty great to wake up next to your best friend every. single. day. :)!





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