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A Simple Date Night Idea | Dating Your Spouse Doesn’t Have to be Expensive.

April 27, 2017

When you first hear the words “date night,” what do you think about? Personally, I think about getting dressed up and going out to dinner or “out on the town” in some capacity! I love going out to eat and I definitely think this can be a great thing to do on a date night with your significant other! Going out to eat as your only form of date night, however, can 1. get expensive over time and 2. become repetitive and perhaps lead to a date night not feeling as special as it once did!

Caleb and I think it’s so important to continue pursuing your spouse after marriage — not thinking that marriage is the “we have arrived” phase but only the beginning of a never-ending phase (that lasts the rest of your life!) of getting to know your spouse better, finding new ways to make them feel love, and making choices — intentionally — to keep the fun and friendship and giddy romance alive in your relationship. One way to pursue your spouse is by taking them on a date!

We recently had a very simple but powerful date and we wanted to share it with you because we loved it so much! Here is what we did:

  1. We each chose three songs that reminded us of the other person and put them into a playlist on our phone.
  2. We chose a time to go for a walk together outside (we specifically chose dusk!)
  3. We brought a headphone splitter and our phones so that would could listen to the songs together. First I listened to Caleb’s playlist (because he put the songs in a specific order so they told a story … don’t worry, I didn’t do that!!) and then he listened to my playlist!

This date night was such a simple thing to plan (and completely free!), but gosh, we had the best time. I honestly felt so giddy waiting to hear the lyrics of each of the songs he chose for me and then also to share with him the songs that I chose. I know this is going to sound so cheesy but bear with me — it was just so special to hold hands and walk and glance over at each other smiling and be able to communicate our love to one another without having to literally say a thing : ) When the playlists were over, we each shared why we chose the songs that we did : )

We took this date night idea from our 5 Date Night Ideas that we send out to everyone who signs up for our monthly marriage newsletter! By signing up, not only will you receive these date night ideas but you will also receive two discussion prompts for you and your spouse (to help engage in deeper conversations about money, sex, conflict, etc.!) each month : ) Next one goes out MONDAY! You can sign up here if you’re interested! 


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