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Building a Business When You ‘Have Nothing to Offer’ | How We Did It.

August 7, 2017

Today’s post is written for both myself and others who might need to hear the same message I need to hear today.

As a creative entrepreneur (or small business owner, mother, father, employee, employer, student, etc.), how often do you tell yourself, “I really just don’t have anything special to offer others. There is nothing unique about me.”

I’m just going to go out there in boldness and say I KNOW I am not the only one who believes this about themselves.

We are told constantly to market and share the things that are unique about us. Everyone has something special to offer and there is no other YOU. I must first say that I COMPLETELY believe this and I really think that this truth is foundational for believing that you CAN chase and ACHIEVE your dreams. No one else can be exactly you and others WILL be attracted to you just for who you are. Remembering this allows us to “stay in our own lane” and helps us to regroup when we find ourselves in the comparison trap.

So yes, this is foundational. No one can be YOU and people will want to work with YOU because it’s YOU.

But then comes the social media thing and the marketing thing. This is where the thoughts creep in for me. What do I post about? How am I special? There is nothing unique about me that is worth sharing or that would make people want to follow me/hire me/support me/etc. What can I possibly offer people that is different than what anyone else can offer them?

I’ve been reflecting on this a lot lately because despite struggling with these insecurities (more often than I would like to admit!), when I take a step back, I am extremely proud of the business that Caleb and I have built. One that I believe in and one that supports our family, allows us to bless others, and gives us the opportunity to work from home and for ourselves doing something we truly love.

So despite my insecurities of feeling like I have nothing special to offer others, we have managed to build a very successful business (according to our own definition of success — I must say this because everyone’s is different!).


That is what I asked myself. How have we done this even though I often don’t know what to share … or post … or say … because I feel like I have nothing worth offering! What am I offering that makes people want to work with us? 

Want to know what I came up with?


You can always offer kindness. Always. And I am convinced that (most) people will take kindness over pretty much everything else any day of the week.

We have always tried, first and foremost, to offer kindness to our clients and this is something we will always continue to do. Online, in emails, in person during sessions and on wedding days. Kindness. You CAN, in fact, build a successful business on kindness … on serving others … on LOVE : ) It always wins.


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