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A New Date Night Idea | The Shopping Spree Date!

August 14, 2017

Caleb and I had a SUPER fun date night last week that I wanted to share with anyone reading who is dating or married and might be in need of some date night (or in our case, we did this date during the DAY!) inspiration!!

The premise of the date is that you will be going to either one store that you both love or each of your favorite stores and picking out an item of clothing for your spouse! So, yes — it’s a date AND you get a new shirt!! Win-win!!! ; ) Here is what we specifically did for the date:

  1. Set a budget (we chose $20, meaning I could spend up to $20 on Caleb and he could spend up to $20 on me)
  2. Go to the store (we chose TJ Maxx!)
  3. Choose three items for your spouse — items in budget, that you like, and that you think they would like/look good in. We chose three so that there were options and we weren’t stuck with just the ONE thing that our spouse chose!

We personally chose to do one person at a time — first Caleb chose three items for me while I followed along seeing what he was choosing and then vice versa. Of course, there is freedom in this! If your spouse chooses something that you would truly NEVER wear, then feel free to lovingly tell them that perhaps they could find something else! After all, you don’t want to spend money on something that you truly will not wear. However, also be open to the things your spouse is picking out for you as they are obviously choosing them for a reason and think you would look good in them!

This date is supposed to be FUN and get you laughing! At the end of it all, my favorite part wasn’t even getting a new shirt but walking around TJ Maxx with Caleb, watching him look through shirts, hold items up to see how they would look on me, and try so hard to choose things that I would like : ) We laughed so much and it was just fun to spend a unique date together!! Dinner out for us is generally around $50 and with this date, we actually only spent $25 total! PLUS, every time I wear my new shirt, I will think about the date : ) Another win-win!!

This date is actually one of the dates off of our 5 Date Night Ideas PDF that we send out when you sign up for our monthly marriage newsletter! If you’re interested in this and/or getting 4 more date night ideas, you can sign up HERE!! Happy Tuesday!!!

My pick!!!

And Caleb’s pick!!


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