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Welcome to our blog! We are a husband & wife photography team based in Madison, Wisconsin who document weddings & anniversaries for joyful couples who believe in marriage. This blog is a journal about real love stories, marriage & our own adventures along the way. We are so glad you're here — please stay awhile!




You | Personal Post | Be A Light.

January 22, 2015

I’m writing today’s post because I just need to get some thoughts off my chest.

They are not bad, negative, need-a-weight-lifted-off-my-shoulders kind of thoughts. By any means. They are happy, thankful, want-to-shout-from-the-rooftops kind of thoughts. And I hope that these thoughts encourage just one person today.

I shared this with our friends + family earlier this week, but 15 days into 2015 we reached our ‘official’ goal for number of weddings we wanted to shoot this season. And we were blown away. Excited–I mean, really excited. But also just so, SO thankful + humbled because, for us, we knew that every single booking was planned + given to us by God. The AMAZING, beautiful, loving, + fun couples that He knew we would love + get along with just so super well : ) The ones He wants us to love on + spoil + encourage–my goodness, there’s nothing better!! We are SO EXCITED for all this season has in store (can you tell we’re excited!?) <<*Side note: we have decided to take on a handful of more weddings yet this year, so if you’re engaged + reading this, or know someone who is, we ARE still taking weddings!!

Anyway, it’s sad the way this happened, but it’s true + I’m going to be honest about it. We reached our goal + then for a bit I think I felt secure. Because for some reason, we had reached that obscure number that we had picked for our goal weddings (which was probably chosen because that’s the number most photographers shoot in a season–you’ll see a pattern here in a minute), but anyway, in feeling secure in that number, in feeling like we achieved something, I felt happy! I felt like maybe, just maybe we were good enough. Good enough to “make it”–there it is again. Whatever that means. I got ahold of my thoughts, reined them in, + tried talking some sense into myself. Why are you always comparing yourself to others? What are you trying to prove? What is your goal? Your calling? YOURS? Not theirs … YOURS?

We are hired to shoot weddings because people believe in us. Our clients make us feel like the most special people in the whole world + we are SO thankful for that. THEY are the reason we do this. THEY are the reason our passion continues to deepen + our business continues to grow. I’m not, by any means, try to sound vain. Please let me finish!! : ) Our clients hired us because they want to work with US–not anyone else!! We have something UNIQUE + special to offer them–something that no one else can offer–and that’s an experience with us. With Maison + Caleb. We get to love on them + encourage them like no one else ever can or ever will–because no one else is US. No one else does things exactly like us, no one else runs their business exactly like us, + I can almost guarantee, no one else uses as many smiley faces in their emails as I do … ; )

Anyway, this “come-to-Jesus” of sorts? It applies to YOU, too. Because you know what? NO ONE ELSE IS YOU. No one else can offer the world exactly what YOU can. Isn’t that AMAZING? When you really think about it? Why are we trying to offer the world other people–what I mean is–why are we trying to be someone else? Do what other people are doing? Run our business like theirs? Or work the way they work? Or parent our kids the way they parent their kids? We all have something that is SO incredibly, amazingly, beautifully special–and that is ourselves. Because NO ONE else is EXACTLY us. And that’s what people LOVE. They love YOU. For who YOU are.

So today, will you join me in being your own light on a hill? Being proud of who you REALLY are + shining as bright as you possibly can? I can’t wait to see all YOU have to offer.


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