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Wedding Prep Three | Personal Post | More Details!

April 16, 2014

Sooooo, our wedding is just under four months away!! I can hardly believe it : ) The day will surely come + go, but in just over four months, I will become Maison Engel + Caleb will be my husband. Finally : )

The “off season” is winding down for us over here as wedding season comes rolling in in just two short weeks! I am just itching to be a part of that wedding day thrill again … capturing all the gorgeous + well-thought-out details, busting it to get pictures done well + on time, + laughing with the newly-wed, totally ecstatic bride + groom all throughout the day (after all, we do spend more time with them than anyone else!!). Lucky us : ) Bring it on!! as they say : ) We are so excited + ready!! 

With that being said, I’m so happy to say that pretty much everything that can be done up to this point for our wedding, is done!! Because let’s face it, I will have no time to be thinking Engel wedding details these next couple of months!! I’m SUPER thankful for my Grandma + Grandpa allowing us to store SO many boxes in their basement for the time being–all ready to be pulled out on August 23rd : ) There are definitely a couple of projects still in the works, but of course, that is to be expected! As mentioned in previous posts, I am so, so grateful for everyone who has + will be helping us with all the preparations for the day!! It’s going to be here before we know it : )

I wanted to share just a few more details/ideas from our day with you–I hope they inspire + bring even just a touch of happiness to your day!! YAY for weddings, love, marriage + spring!! <<<I know it’s RIGHT around the corner ; ) Happy Hump Day!! -M

We are having a “Meet our Bridal Party” table at the reception because we want all of our guests to not just know the names of our bridal party but actually know WHO they are + why they are so important to Caleb + I!!

To display this information, I will first be taking a picture of each bridal party member (I obviously had to get my photography incorporated in the wedding somehow!!) + we will be displaying it in these $.35 gold frames from St. Vincent’s!! Next to each frame will be small succulent plant with a brass picture holder (far left) that will actually be holding a small write-up about each person + how we know them, etc.!! : ) 

On the mailbox of the property, to welcome guests + let them know where the festivities are taking place, we will be having two 36″ gold + ivory balloons with beautiful tassel ribbons. I got this idea from a popular wedding website that I just LOVE, however the balloon set was $180.00 + this was an expenditure we simply could NOT afford. I had to let the idea go …

UNTIL, with the help of Caleb + my friend Sam, we were able to think of a way in which we could MAKE these gorgeous balloon decorations! Sam found the same balloons on Amazon for $8.00 + Caleb suggested using leftover ribbon scraps to create my own tassels! Voila!! Super easy + so affordable!!  

Now I obviously didn’t make the gold dessert display in the image above (ha!) but I had to share a picture of them with you because I just LOVE them!! We found these for super cheap on sale at Home Goods + are using them to display some of the cupcakes on the dessert table (we are having cupcakes instead of cake!!).

For dinner, we decided to buy the plates instead of rent them to achieve the look we were going for on the tables. We have had a couple of “plate elves” who have really enjoyed searching for these plates for us!! There were two rules in buying the plates–they had to have a gold rim + they had to be under $1.00!! We are about 20 plates away from all that we need! This has actually been a really fun project + ends up saving us money in the long run!

A local Bed & Breakfast in Waupaca offered to let us use 50 of their gold-rimmed plates in exchange for the rest of the plates we purchase for the wedding–I mean, after all, WHAT would we do with 200+ plates?! Ha! It worked out perfectly : )!

Finally, we purchased these Words of Wisdom card templates from ParksidePrints on Etsy–soo cheap + a fun way for guests to leave us little notes that we can make into a booklet + look back on throughout our marriage!

Oh, + that reindeer? Well, I just love him : ) Our tables at the reception won’t all match–besides the common gold sequin table runners!!–but instead have combinations of flowers, gold vases, candles + other gold things–like Mr. Reindeer : ) It’s going to be just lovely!!


  1. Danielle

    April 16th, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    Awwwwww! I’m so excited for you. This is going to be a beautiful wedding . . . mostly because you + Caleb are an amazing couple matched up by God, but also because of these fun, personal details.

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