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It’s My Birthday! | Personal Post | Turning 24.

June 6, 2014

I was born on 06/06 + I weight 6 pounds + 6 ounces, so naturally, my favorite number has always been 6 : ) That’s my claim to fame regarding my birthday–ha! But really, I’d say I’m an in-betweener when it comes to birthdays. I love celebrating other people’s birthdays + getting them gifts, throwing parties, etc., however it always seems like your own birthday isn’t really that big of a deal! Especially when you’re in those mid-20s years where the age you’re turning isn’t really anything special anymore ; ) 

Well, today I’m turning 24! And I thought I would share my reflections on some of the things that are happening in this 24th year of my life : ) 

  • Obviously, I’m getting married!! This is the most exciting + significant event of the upcoming year, + basically, my life!! I cannot believe we are just under 80 days away : ) This year I become a wife to such an amazing, amazing man!!
  • Vivian turns one tomorrow (our birthdays are SO close to each other … cute, right?! hehe). Her birthday post is coming Monday so I won’t write anything more about how much I love her right now ; )
  • This year I will celebrate 2 years of owning this God-given, challenging but oh-so-beautiful, business. I never thought I would be a business owner! Or a photographer! But gosh, God’s plans are the best : ) So thankful to be where I’m at today.
  • Finally, there will, of course, be many, MANY unexpected, crazy, wonderful things that will happen this year that I have no idea about right now. Those unknown things fill me with such great excitement + anticipation. Because while they are unknown, + that can sometimes be scary, there is one thing I have really learned during this past year of being 23. That God is faithful, that He will always provide, that He will take care of me, + that he does not want me to stress about the future or what is to come, but rather look to Him on a day-to-day basis + trust that He has a plan + will guide me in all I do. Even when it doesn’t feel like it!! I keep a little quote/prayer in my wallet that I have come to LOVE, + today is the perfect day to not only share it with you, but remind myself that this is how I want to live my life this 24th year.

Stop trying to work things out before their times have come. Accept the limitations of living one day at a time. When something comes to your attention, ask me whether or not it is part of today’s agenda. If it isn’t, r e l e a s e it into my care + go about today’s duties. -Jesus

Thank you to everyone for making me feel so loved in the days leading up to today, + today : ) I am so thankful for the blessings I have been given + am truly filled with excitement for all that this year has in store!! Now go + have an extra special Friday!! : ) -M

P.S. HUGE thank you to Molly Jo Collection for these photos from our engagement session!


  1. Terri

    June 6th, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    Happy Birthday Maison, wish I would have known that it was your birthday last night…….Have a great day!

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