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When Memories Fade | Wedding Photography: Why It’s More than Just the Photos.

June 10, 2015

It was the day before our wedding and all of our closest family and friends were gathered in my aunt and uncle’s backyard by the river for a rehearsal dinner cookout. The night was absolutely perfect — delicious food hot off the grill (cooked with love by my father-in-law), tiki torches burning, music playing, drinks in hand and all those we love so dearly sharing stories, laughs, and memories. The night even ended with about twenty people packed into the hot tub on the deck (a lot of toes in the water) as we laughed and celebrated our soon-to-be marriage. An evening exactly as I dreamed it would be and definitely one I will NOT forget — at least I don’t think I will forget it. Right? How can I forget that evening?

Earlier in the evening, as we were waiting for the burgers to finish cooking on the grill, I was chatting with Caleb’s grandma and she said something to me that both shocked me and moved me.

I’m not sure if Apple and I even had a rehearsal dinner …

Apple was Caleb’s late grandpa’s nickname. The two shared decades of life together and I’m sure on their own wedding day, Grandma Shirley never thought she would question whether or not they had had a rehearsal dinner fifty years down the road while talking with her future granddaughter-in-law. But here’s the thing … we forget things. Things we think we will NEVER forget. We age and all too unfortunately, our memories fade (I have experienced this firsthand and it can be very tragic). So while it’s been said a million times, to me, it’s worth repeating:

Your wedding photos are all you will have left of your day once it has come and gone. 

They are what you will have as your marriage experiences mountain tops AND valleys. They are what you will have to remind you of the love you felt for one another as years pass by and sometimes, a reminder is needed. Good photos will allow you to RE-EXPERIENCE those feelings.

We always say to our clients that at different stages in your life, different photos will mean different things to you. Certain images, with certain people, will become more cherished and valued. It can sometimes be hard to understand now, but I have NO doubt that the images captured on your wedding day will only become more valuable with each passing year.

My hope is that 50 years down the road, for example, when you are talking with your granddaughter about your wedding celebration, you will remember it as clear as day because of your wedding photos. Because, for decades, you have relived one of the greatest and most significant days of your life through those images.

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