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Stop Making Excuses, Start Intentionally Planning | Marriage Monday | December, 2015.

December 21, 2015

This topic may seem a bit abstract right now, but bare with me for a minute you guys! First of all, welcome back to this month’s installment of Marriage Monday! Caleb here for what is likely my last post of the year! It’s been such an awesome year of marriage for Maison + I, + we want to thank you for joining us on our journey. We hope you will continue to follow : )

This past month has proven to be one of the harder months of our marriage thus far. With new commitments popping up daily, loads of photos to edit, photographing sessions, walking the dog, shopping, holidays, time with friends, + what seems like an infinite amount of other things on our plate right now, we reached our limit. We were finally stretched so thin that we weren’t finding joy in our situation. We had been so focused on the tasks we had at hand that we stopped focusing on intentionally pursuing our marriage. 

The tricky thing about this type of situation however, is that we didn’t even realize it was happening until all of the pent up frustration came out. You guys. It’s HARD to admit, but we had a fight in which we blamed each other for x,y, or z. The good news? It needed to happen. Being so frustrated with one another caused us to MAKE TIME to sit down + really hash out what was going on. How we were feeling personally, how we were feeling regarding our relationship, + how we were feeling in terms of our business. We hadn’t even taken TIME in the past couple of weeks to check in to see how things were going both individually + together. We just kept grinding + pushing + checking off boxes, + never seeing how the other person was doing.

When we took time to do this, we realized a couple of important things. The main one, however, was that we were using being busy as an excuse for poor planning. We got lazy. This realization has given us a new outlook on how we need to prioritize our lives. We need to stop making excuses for x, y, + z, + start better intentionally planning in our lives!

But what does that look like? 

This Sunday, for the first time we are going to sit down as a family, husband + wife, Maison + Caleb, + we are going to write out a plan for our week. We are going to start with a list of tasks that NEED to be accomplished for our business/personal lives, along with scheduled time for prayer, + intentional time to invest in growing as a couple. We are choosing to first acknowledge that we caused this problem + take responsibility by making a tangible plan of action on how we can correct it.

As a husband, I want Maison to feel loved + I’m sure Maison wants me to feel the same. But the hard reality is that sometimes life gets in the way. We are committed to investing in our marriage + to grow our marriage. We are not perfect people but through our marriage (+ a ton of humility, love, + prayer) we can grow a little more towards perfection everyday.


  1. Kim

    December 22nd, 2015 at 4:13 am

    Don’t feel alone! My marriage suffered these last two weeks for the very same reasons. We can laugh about it now but honestly our hash-it-out fight was the most time we spent together in weeks. Thanks for sharing your story! All the BUSY isn’t worth it if you don’t have your loved ones by your side. Cheers to a conscious commitment to making each other your first priority!

  2. Maison Engel

    December 22nd, 2015 at 7:11 pm

    Thanks SO much for commenting, Kim!! We are definitely cheers-ing you!! So encouraging to hear from others who believe in marriage (the good, bad, + ugly) as much as we do!! xoxo!

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