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Welcome to our blog! We are a husband & wife photography team based in Madison, Wisconsin who document weddings & anniversaries for joyful couples who believe in marriage. This blog is a journal about real love stories, marriage & our own adventures along the way! We are so glad you're here — please stay awhile!




Community | Personal Post | An Off-Season Life Lesson.

March 24, 2015

Over the past several months, I’ve found myself answering the question, “Are you enjoying the off-season?” time + time again; + rightfully so! Our friends + family know just how busy wedding season can get for us + they want to make sure we’re finding time to rest, rejuvenate, + enjoy this “time off.”

Recently, I was reflecting on the past few months + asking myself, “Have you enjoyed the off-season? What’s been your favorite part?”. I was surprised at how quickly the answer came to me. Time with friends. Time with family. Time with those other relationships in our life. You see, whether we realized it or not, I think that Caleb + I got really lonely last wedding season. Sure, we had each other + for that, we are SO thankful (*cue note about how working with your spouse is the best!! Well, for us at least :))! But aside from one another, well … we … we didn’t really see anyone else, ever. On weekends we would see our wonderful clients + hang out with their wedding guests, but besides that, we kind of isolated ourselves. And as a result, as a couple, I think we felt lonely. We felt like we didn’t really have any friends + we weren’t up-to-date on what was happening around us (I remember thinking at one time: what are the latest fashion trends right now?!)–I mean, that out of it!! Ha! You know why? Because we were ALWAYS working. Yikes.

Before you think we’re total weirdos, I can assure you we DO have friends!! We just weren’t spending time with them or investing in those relationships like we should have been. This off-season, we’ve been spending tons of time with our closest friends + family + it has been SO refreshing. Like, life-giving beyond words. Sharing meals together, sitting around the table playing games or on the couches catching up on life–it has been SO good for our souls.

We were MADE for community.

We aren’t supposed to do this thing called “life” alone, but amidst busyness, traveling, to-do lists, + editing, we got our priorities all mixed up. And I know we felt the effects!! Although we were shooting incredible weddings + meeting our various business goals, something WAS missing. We were lonely. That’s the truth.

This isn’t a post about working to much (that’s a completely different topic for a different day! Ha!) It’s a post about the importance of being in community + spending time with the PEOPLE in your life because PEOPLE matter. Relationships matter. We were MADE to be in community (yes, I’m saying it again) because we were made to encourage + be encouraged by others; made to share our burdens + share others’ burdens with them; made to hug one another, laugh with one another, + cry with one another. Other people make us better people, + I don’t think that for one second, at the end of our lives, we will think, “I wish I would have spent LESS time with the people I loved.”

Will you join us in choosing the people in your life? In choosing TIME with THEM? Taking tangible steps towards these things in your life? For us, this mean two things that we wrote on our 2015 Business Plan:

  1. Spend time once/week with these other relationships in our life (time with clients + our Bible Study don’t count!!)
  2. Schedule into the calendar once/month a phone call with our grandparents

If you’re in, we would LOVE to hear the things you are going to be doing to spend more time WITH the people in your life!! Leave us a note in the comments below! And have an amazing rest of your week 🙂

Yes, we realize a lot of our hangouts include dogs … we can’t help it!! 🙂 🙂 


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