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Welcome to our blog! We are a husband & wife photography team based in Madison, Wisconsin who document weddings & anniversaries for joyful couples who believe in marriage. This blog is a journal about real love stories, marriage & our own adventures along the way! We are so glad you're here — please stay awhile!




A Year in Review | 2016 Behind the Scenes.

December 29, 2016

Yesterday’s post was my favorite post of the entire year, but I know that today’s post is most often YOUR favorite post of the year! There’s really no explanation needed on this one, so without further adieu …

2016 Behind the Scenes

Okay, you didn’t really think this was all just going to be pictures of me taking pictures, did you?

That would be SUPER boring.

We’re way cooler than that!!!

I mean, we PERFECTLY match the colors of our couples’ bridal parties!! What more could you ask for from your photographers?!

These two seem to beg to differ on our “coolness” level though …

… they don’t look too convinced either.

This groomsmen specifically asked for a photo with me because he thought I was pretty, so that at least makes me feel better ; )

And THEN there are the scenarios when guests want to take photos of you with your camera …

Sometimes we have to model poses for our couples …. with our couples. These two were so perfect they just had to be documented!!

I always have to take time during this post to point out how AMAZING my husband is. He is SO selfless, such a servant, always making people laugh, and the perfect, perfect teammate <3 Throughout the year, I always try to document these things about him while on the job …

He is constantly carrying ALL the things …

… while also fixing hair ….

… and holding dogs.

His long arms (and patience!) make him AMAZING at organizing and photographing family photos!!

… most of the time.

Is anybody listening?


Bug spray …

… hair problems … he can do it all!!

He will even sacrifice his jacket for you in the bitter cold Wisconsin conditions!

But sometimes he gets in the way …

(at least you had good foreground framing on this one though, babe!)

Last year, we called this set “The Hand Series” ; ) The ninja-hand-hair-fixing-problem continues!!

This model action makes up for all that getting in the way ; )

I, on the other hand, take on the bridal parties. Half of this group seems to dig me, the other half … not so sure?

These guys definitely aren’t into me!! ; )

Apparently Caleb is WAY better with bridal parties, too! What the heck!!

Can you guys help me out with this? Alright, alright … I agree. Caleb is DEFINITELY the better half!!

There is just too much going on in this photo …

This one, too!

Did you know we train our clients to take their own wedding day photos? Makes the job a lot easier …

We also make them walk up huge hills for the “perfect shot”! So thankful they trust our vision!!

One time this year, we got to shoot on a roof!!

Caleb also got a photo with a whole bunch of priests!!!! ; )

We’re always fine tuning …

… and getting ready for the perfect shot!!

Some of my favorite moments are captured during the first look : )

I also love when we get to bring Vivian to sessions!! : )

And when we shoot weddings where our friends our guests!!

Okay … are you ready for it?! The faces of the test shot — 2016 version!!

I love these ones ; )

But this is my personal favorite 🙂 A group effort!

Sometimes smiling for too long can be really hard …

… so we sneak up behind to make them laugh when they’re least expecting it! ; )

The Patel brothers — put these two with Caleb and you have three peas in a pod ; ) They each requested a pic with him — so cute!!

These guys requested a photo with the Badger “W” — Caleb kinda ruined that shot …

Something super weird is also going on here … I’ll leave the interpretation up to you! ; )

Okay, this has gone too far!

Let’s end this thing with Caleb again, shall we?! SO thankful for you, babe! So thankful <3 What a YEAR!! We did it!!


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