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An Engel Update | We Bought a House!

September 5, 2017

I am SOOOO excited to share today’s post with you — it has been a WHIRLWIND the past two months but I can officially share that we bought a house : ) Okay, ahhhhhhh!!! We could not be more excited for the season of life that we are in and are just feeling so, SO unbelievably grateful for how everything has just worked out so perfectly. Now that we are officially IN our new home, we love it more than we could have even imagined (more below).

This photo was taken the day we moved out of our condo — we have SO many memories in this first home together and are so thankful for all the ways God used it to bless us and others during our two years living there. We are also SO excited about the wonderful new homeowner and just pray that the space will bring as much life to her as it did to us (based on a recent text I received from her, I already think it is!). Thank you, Jesus : )

We sold our condo and bought our home all over the weekend of 4th of July (so yes, I have been having to keep so quiet about this for way too long!!!!). The process went so smooth — especially given all the moving parts — and again, we are just so grateful for God’s timing of it all!

When we were looking for a home, we had ONE thing that we both agreed we wouldn’t settle on and that was the LOCATION. We knew that we could make any home “look” the way we wanted it to look — as long as it had good bones, we are excited about projects and love transforming spaces to make them our own : ) The thing we knew we couldn’t change was the location/neighborhood and so we chose the spot we wanted to be in and waited for a home in our price range to go up for sale. We literally waited THREE days and then our new home went up for sale. AND it was honestly better than we could have hoped for — we loved the layout and the potential and we made an offer the next day! Along the process, we fell in love with the seller and his story … and everything, again, just seemed to fit so perfectly into place : )

I absolutely cannot wait to share pictures and transformations over the upcoming DECADES (ha! this is a lifelong project ; )) because if you’ve been following for any amount of time, you know I LOVE house projects and creating spaces that are warm and inviting — I also love weeding (I seriously do!!!). BUT. What we are already finding (and what we have been praying for for MONTHS) is that God has plans for this house that are SO much bigger than paint colors and new couches. We have had friends here everyday since we moved in and have shared this space with so many people that we love dearly.

The very FIRST night in our home, we sat around the powder blue card table in the dining room (surrounded by U-Haul boxes on all sides, so tightly packed that you could barely back up in your chair) and cried with friends who shared some really devastating news with us. As we sat and prayed with them, I SO clearly heard God tell me, “THIS is what I care about. THIS is what this home is for.”

Amen, Jesus. Thank you for the plans you have for us and for this home, and thank you for getting us here so far! To new adventures and a new season ahead <3 And to having to buy a lawnmower ASAP …


  1. Trisha says:

    Ahhhh -Love This so much and seeing right away God’s true meaning of Home!


  2. Laurelyn says:

    Congratulations you two!!! What an exciting new chapter, and one that is sure to be full of purpose, challenges, and tons of LOVE! Love and hugs to you two!

  3. Stephen says:

    Congrats guys! So happy for you. If you need any help brainstorming remodeling ideas, you know where to find us!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations, guys! So excited for you to enjoy this journey of making a home and sharing it with others!

  5. Congratulations, you guys!! That is such a big, exciting milestone in life and it is SO fun making your new house your HOME!! Enjoy the process (because it is never ending)!! haha 🙂 XOXO

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