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Davines Shampoo | Lifestyle | My (Amazing) Experience With These Hair Care Products!

February 26, 2016

I am SO EXCITED (truly) to share this somewhat silly information with you today on the blog because although silly, it is something I honestly believe in!!

Drum roll … Davines Hair Care Products!!

I started using these products a couple of years ago + haven’t looked back since. I have naturally coarse + DRY hair that I have always been a little self-conscious about — especially if people were to touch it!! — because it literally felt like straw! THAT dry. But then my hair stylist told me about Davines shampoo + conditioner, specifically the Natural Tech Nourishing Shampoo  + Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner , + I cannot BELIEVE how these products have changed my hair. Within a couple of weeks, my hair was SILKY … completely OPPOSITE of the texture it was before!! I am not kidding about this! I now have silky, healthy-feeling hair + no longer hair that feels like straw!!

Now, I know this shampoo is kind of expensive, however, you are only supposed to use a SMALL amount per wash. And since it’s also bad to wash your hair every single day, these bottles actually last a long time!! While it’s tempting to use super cheap shampoo + conditioner (that’s exactly what I used to do!), once I learned that these types of shampoos were actually wrecking my hair because they so often have harsh chemicals + toxic ingredients that are actually stripping your hair of its health + nutrients, I knew I needed to make a change or I was always going to have super dry hair!! And I am so happy I did … SO happy!! Which is why I’m sharing this post today! Because I want others to know : )

So, if you are someone who struggles with really dry + coarse hair, I would really recommend at least trying this product + see what happens : ) Happy Tuesday!!

These are the two lines of Davines products I use — I alternate between them. The Natural Tech line (on the left), is actually supposed to be used only once a week because the moisturizing capabilities are SO intense!!



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