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The Daily Record | Personal Post | Keeping Track of Life’s Little Moments.

March 3, 2016

How many of you kept a diary in middle school or high school?! I don’t think that I did, or at least I can’t remember if I did (is my memory really getting that bad already!?), but it’s safe to say that now, as an adult, I keep a diary. 

Yes, I currently keep a diary. And I actually think it’s super important to do so.

Here’s the thing. It’s the “adult-version” of the middle school diary + I call it The Daily Record. I actually got this idea from my friend Crystal who does this same thing for her family, so I really can’t even take the credit!!

The Daily Record is simply this: a place where I can keep track of all the little moments Caleb + I share together. I don’t even fill it out daily, maybe once a week, or once every other week, but I believe so strongly in preserving our everyday, not-so-glamorous-but-still-special moments we share together. Moments that won’t be captured in a photograph, or written about in a blog post somewhere … moments that would otherwise SURELY be forgotten. 

Like what we did for the weekend when our best friends came up to visit. Or how I felt one day when I was really noticing Caleb go out of his way to serve me + make me feel special. Or a game night we had with friends that was really fun. Or a super sweet conversation Caleb + I had that made me feel really connected. Or just a simple little entry about nothing really … just a documentation of what life looked like that day, or week.

There are SO many moments that Caleb + I share together that aren’t huge moments, yet significant ones. Moments that I really do want to remember, but most definitely will not unless I write them down. How special will it be to read back on what “daily” life looked like for us in different seasons of our life five, ten, twenty years down the road? I date each entry, which will help me to know when certain things happened as I look back. 

I’ve only been writing in the daily record since October + yet there have already been times when I’ve looked back on an entry + thought to myself, “I already forgot about that!” And then I’m SO happy I wrote it down. It’s such a simple concept, + something people have been doing for years! But I really consider it a special task or little duty of mine to document the simple moments of our family’s life … to preserve them. For ourselves, for others to read + get a glimpse into our life, for our kids down the road … I love thinking about it : ) 

If this is something you’re interested in doing, I definitely recommend it. It only takes a minute or two every couple of days or weeks, + then those moments are preserved forever for you to look back on!! If you specifically like the journal we use for our Daily Record, you can find it here (+ it’s actually on sale right now)! It looks super pretty sitting out in our living room : )  

So here’s to making + preserving memories with the ones we love … and to it almost being Friday!! xoxo <3


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