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Welcome to our blog! We are a husband & wife photography team based in Madison, Wisconsin who document weddings & anniversaries for joyful couples who believe in marriage. This blog is a journal about real love stories, marriage & our own adventures along the way! We are so glad you're here — please stay awhile!




Mitch + Rachel | Hales Corners, WI Engagement | What a guy!

July 15, 2014

These two. Talk about caring, thoughtful, goofy, athletic, successful, fun-loving people!!! Mitch + Rachel are a blast. Plus, I’m pretty sure I have NEVER felt more loved, appreciated, + simply humbled by the excitement + encouraging, affirming words of one of my brides!! Rachel really, truly makes me feel like a million bucks!! Her eagerness + EXCITEMENT for their engagement session + future wedding photography have blown me away : ) Meeting + working with these two lovebirds was everything I expected + more!! We had such a great evening together + they didn’t even make fun of me when I fell into a pothole while walking backwards + explaining a pose to them—blood gushing down my knee + all ; ) 

Mitch + Rachel met during their undergrad at UW-Madison + their love story just makes my heart melt. They remember passing each other daily in the physics building hallways, each of them smiling like a little kid + doing a head nod when they passed one another (while at the same time thinking in their heads that the other person probably thought they were so stupid for giving such goofy looks!!) Really, they both had the hots for each other from first site!! Eventually they had a class together + Mitch actually looked up Rachel’s name on the class roster by cross-referencing her name with another class she was in with his friend!! So he knew her name but she had no idea who he was! Junior year they both volunteered at an engineering expo on campus + actually met each other for the first time!! She then knew his name, too : )

One random day, after volunteering together, Rachel got a message on her LinkedIn account titled “Hey Engineering Expo Girl”–can you guess who this was from!? Mitch worked up the courage to ask Rachel to “hang out” but, lo + behold, she was dating someone at the time. Such a bummer!! They kept seeing each other outside of class, + Mitch managed to get Rachel’s number somewhere in there, but nothing more happened UNTIL Mitch saw on Facebook one day that Rachel + her boyfriend had broken up. In just the “perfect” timing, he happened (wink, wink) to text her the next day asking her how she was doing!! (I mean, this guy PURSUED Rachel + I love, love, love it!!!!). They were in different states at the time, then were in different countries, but began skyping, texting, + talking on the phone : ) As you can imagine, the rest is history!! <<And there’s definitely something to be said for long-distance relationships!! We bonded over the fact that Caleb + I have never been in the same city + it’s something so exciting to look forward to!! : )

I guess all I can say is, it’s fate. These two were meant to be together–and boy is it obvious : ) We are so excited for them to tie the knot next August!!! Can’t come soon enough ; ) Until then, enjoy the photos from their engagement session : ) Have a great Tuesday!!! -M

Mitch + Rachel chose all the sites for their session–how awesome is this?!?!?

Some favorites : )


This light made my little photographer heart so happy!!

Oh, yessssss!!

Favorite of the night : ) Congratulations, you two!!


  1. Marie says:

    Just upgraded to 10.0 and can finally see these. Beautiful pictures Rachel and Mitch. They are all beautiful pictures. Rachel, My favorite is the black and white where you are behind him and the black and white where you are kissing. Congrats again!!! Enjoy your engagement you two!

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