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Diana Chu | Waupaca High School | A Waupaca, WI Senior Session.

September 3, 2014

Ohhh, Diana. “Dirty D” they call her!! I have known this girl for several years because she danced with my sister in high school + I would often visit or help at practice whenever I was home (since I used to be on the team too + *confession* I really miss dancing!!). Anyway, Diana is one of a kind. Anyone will tell you that. This girl is HILARIOUS. Quirky. Smart. An incredible dancer!! Driven. Lovable. Passionate. Anyone who knows her loves her … she’s one of those people who you can’t help but adore : ) So as you can imagine, I was thrilled when she contacted me about doing her senior pictures!!

We spent the evening wandering flower gardens (a huge thank you + shout out to Silver Mist Garden Center for always being so willing to let me shoot at their space!!) as well as playgrounds–yes, more to come on that soon ; ) We laughed, Diana shared her dreams with me, + of course, we took some amazing pictures!! This girl can work it + her laugh is absolutely contagious–even in photos!! I love the feminine + classy look Diana wanted to have for her images … you are in for a treat today : )

Diana is a senior this year at Waupaca High School + being on the dance team is the heartbeat of her high school career 🙂 She is a captain of the team this year + a natural-born leader. I’m excited for all the season has in store for her + the team!! Besides dancing, Diana likes to think. Yep, you heard me correctly!! About the past, about the future … you name it, this girl is a thinker!! Meeting new people, nostalgia, + dance make her come alive : ) And when I asked her to describe herself in 5 words, she wrote, “Early 2000’s music, the past, humor, structure, + tears.”

So, with that, meet Diana. Enjoy her images + have a wonderful Thursday!! -M

How beautiful are both this location + this senior?!?!

A favorite!!!!

Diana told me that part of her will always be a child, never wanting to grow up : ) To capture this aspect of her personality, she wanted some shots at the playground of her elementary school + I just LOVE how they turned out!!

… and then this outfit : ) So good!!

Ahhhh! I can hear you laughing, D!!

Another fave : )

I loved this top, too : ) So stylish!!

Oh sunset, how I love you!!


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