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Five Things We’re Loving Right Now | Saving Money & Vegetables.

April 18, 2017

We’re HOME : ) I posted on Instagram last night that we feel so grateful to be just as excited about life at home as we do about life on vacation. We seriously missed Vivian and honestly, I can’t imagine how much that “missing” level increases when you’re away from REAL children! Travel is sweet and home is sweet — we have so much to be thankful for.

Since we are home now, we thought it would be fun to do a “Thing’s We’ve Loving Right Now” post on the blog today! Here are five things that we currently can’t get enough of! Can you relate/do you resonate with any of these things in your own life!?

01 Vegetables

We used to hate vegetables. I would say that I was a bit more open to them than Caleb, but overall, they weren’t something we ate super regularly and when we did eat them, it was never with “excitement.” Over the past year or so, however, we have been forcing ourselves to each veggies every day and I swear that the taste grows on you!! Especially when cooked properly, we can now both say that we actually LIKE vegetables and are constantly trying to incorporate them more and more into our diet!

02 Audio Technica Record Player and Marshall Speaker

We’ve always had a record player — Caleb got his grandma’s old player when he was in high school and brought it to Madison when we got married. We didn’t use it much (we didn’t have a proper hook up/speaker system) and eventually, the player warped and would no longer play records! We had to decide if we wanted to invest in a new record player or not and, as you can guess, we decided to go for it!

One time, I asked Caleb why he liked records so much and he said that it’s because records are a physical piece of music that are passed down from generation to generation. For example, we have records from both of our grandparents and as he was putting one on the player that night, he said to me, “Just think, at one point, your grandpa (who has passed away) put this record on the player in his home for your mom and grandma and aunt to listen to. That is just so awesome to think about.” I had never thought about it like that and now I’m hooked ; ) He also said that since you can’t “skip” songs on a record when listening to it, you are truly listening to each album as the artist intended/created it to be played. Another win for records in our book!

The Marshall speaker that we got to go along with the record player looks great in our living room, is super easy to use, and sounds incredible (you wouldn’t believe how loud that little speaker can play!). We love this system and listen to music on it every day.

03 The Honey App

You guys MUST check this out right now if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Honey is an “app” of sorts that you can download into your Google Chrome browser and whenever you’re buying things online, it will tell you at the checkout if there is a discount code anywhere on the internet for the item(s) you are purchasing AND tell you what the discount code is — SO easy and seriously has saved us so much money that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about!!!

04 Patagonia Sweatpants

I can’t personally vouch for these because I don’t own them, but, I am married to a man who normally HATES sweatpants and he seriously can’t get enough of these! He changes into them the second we get home and FINALLY I can get him to (kind of) understand my need for being in comfy clothes 24/7 at home ; )

05 Chipotle

It will never not be on this list <3


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